Period Underwear

Below are all answers to the frequently asked questions regarding periods underwear. If you do not find an answer to your question below do not hesitate to get in touch:

How long can you wear a Period Underwear?

It can last between 8-12 hours, depending on your flow. It holds up to 5 regular tampons’ worth).

How do I take care of period underwear?

Just machine or hand wash cold and hang dry. Don’t iron, bleach, or use any fabric softener. That’s it! no special care required.

Can I wear a sanitary towel(pad) when wearing a period underwear?

Yes you can but its absolutely not necessary, the periods underwear is a complete replacement for your pad or tampon.

Shipping, Returns and Exchanges

Below are answers to frequently asked questions regarding our shipping, returns and exchanges. If you do not find an answer to your question do not hesitate to get in touch:

I'm an international customer, do you deliver outside South Africa?

Mongato ships free of charge all over South Africa with an option of a paid express shipping.

For international customers, kindly get in touch via email/instant messaging on the website to get a quote for shipping to your specific countries.

What should I do if my order hasn't been delivered yet?

You will get shipping and tracking details once your order has been dispatched.

But in case you have not heard anything do not stress, you can easily get in touch with our team via email or instant messaging on our website to find out exactly why your order has not been delivered.


Whats your shipping turnaround time?

Our shipping turnaround time is 7-14 days.